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There are places on this planet where companions and Man’s best friend are on the dinner menu. These sorts of acts are beyond acceptable civilized human behavior




Life interrupted


There is a child (upper right corner)who has been indoctrinated in killing. She has killed a beaver mother, whose infants are now sentenced to death because of her. The mate is set adrift and cannot maintain the habitat because of her. Her actions
have destroyed generations of these animals.

Human superiority is not always superior. Try building a dam with your teeth.

I’m just a dog at the end of a lead
Until my owner had an ego to feed
I’m just a dog wanting to find a friend
Instead it has hastened me to my own end
I’m just a dog now on death row
It’s quite obvious where I will go
I’m just a dog who cannot control
Whims of the human who’s forgotten his role
As friend to a dog who wanted protection
Not someone causing this dog’s destruction
I’m just a dog and I’m now in prison
Never was there a good reason given
I’m just a dog and committed no crime
But my sentence is death in a very short time