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Of all the dogs who’ve ever been
Mädchen is by far a reigning queen
Visitors greeted with her wolfish smile
Hoping that they will stay awhile
She was aware of her doggy good looks
The sort that is read of in all good books
Happy to see you and friendship she’d offer
Other than that fools would she not suffer
Woodlands were her favorite respite
Without her walk she was quite desperate
She loved to gaze st swans on the lake
But friends with her they wished not make
Wild life interested very her ‘much
Deer and foxes, rabbits and such
Horses not her favorite creature
Frightened by them when they ran past her
She has a place in woodland heaven
Since she has left us at age eleven
One special woodland where she will wander
She knows the way from Elysium yonder

Elizabeth Smith


Sergeant Jeffrey


Jeffrey had two jobs, one as a nanny
The other different, a police dog, not then many
Day times were spent entertaining a child
Nights were opposite and sometimes wild
Chasing burglars and felons and law breakers
Roaming through town and all of it’s acres
Never did two tasks caused him confusion
His mind was clear and had he no delusion
Soon came duty he knew not the cost
Sent to war – a task stranger than most
This last took from him home and his jobs
And then cost proved great for his life did it rob
A dog has no choice to say yes or no
When people ask then he’s ready to go
A dogs love Is cheap the price not a cent
If so the money would be then well spent
The value of dogs lives people can’t see
Their value is what their love can be
Their lives are not measured in gold’s cost
Their worth is that of the love that is lost

Elizabeth Smith




The human race is concentrated on — just that: THE HUMAN RACE! The race of beings that cover planet earth like a form fitting garment. Every minute of every hour the world is bombarded with the needs and wants, wars, starvation, health, murder, good deeds, bad deeds, of this one biological entity. Humans, in their rush to oblivion, caused by selfishness of purpose, have overlooked or forgotten, another race of beings whose presence on the planet are seen as an adjunct to humanity. A commodity for whatever use humans maintain is their right to exploit, use and abuse. Humans, in self vainglory, designate they are superior beings and therefore have the right to exert dominance over every other life form. The reality is that humanity is expendable and will find this truth to be not to their liking when the outcome of an inability to conform to natural law confronts them. The race of beings known as animal life (of which humans are a part) do not require humanity to validate their existence. They were given the keys to the kingdom long before Man emerged from their numbers. The keys of which humans immediately appropriated, looking to pound nature into a form desired by Man. Human arrogance authors the belief that they are the chosen beings in the universe when the reality is they are no more important than any other quantum particle. Mankind’s treatment of his fellow earthlings will be the wrecking ball, the source, for demise of his own kind. For all the supposed advancement of knowledge that is claimed to be in possession of humans, (the naked apes), they have forgotten, perhaps never knew, that the key to remaining viable in nature is cooperation with the entirety. Humans are only a part of the aggregate, and parts are not capable of maintaining the whole. Humankind never realized their place, as was designated, in nature’s whole. A day of reckoning is Mankind’s fate, after showing a bank balance in the extreme negative, indicating exceedingly great overspending. The keys to this kingdom cannot be entrusted to such profligates and will be snatched from greedy hands on a moment’s notice. Planet Earth, unique in this solar system, as being home to life, has inhabitants who use their finite time of existence, extinguishing life on the planet. Such beings will not be given a pass for committing these acts, therefore have forfeited rights to keys of this or any kingdom. The keys of which were so eagerly co-opted from what were considered lesser beings, will find that less overcame more. The natural rights of these “LESSER” beings will overcome the self-important rights of the so called “MORE”. Planet Earth is not the clay with which humanity can shape to its will. Rather they ARE the clay. When fired in the kiln of Natural Law, did not conform to the mold, and so will be discarded to the waste bin of the Universe.

Elizabeth Smith



(Voltaire)” if one believes absurdities one can commit atrocities.” An absurdity such as a mysterious being in the sky who gave humans dominion over the other creatures on the earth and then made demands for the killing of these creatures as sacrifices to himself! This was recorded by goat herders over 3000 years ago but is still taken as absolute truth in the 21st century. Religion is one of the main authors of animal cruelty. The superstitions and myths which allow human exploitation, abuse and slaughter of sentient life on planet earth can be directly tied to religious superstitions and myths. Another is greed with a profit motive as the underlying machine driving the exploitation of animals. . The Human psyche is not damaged by killing, eating, using body parts of this planet’s sentient life because religious belief allows for this and Greed drives it. Underlying this system is the false conclusion that animal lives are less valuable than human animal lives and therefore don’t need to be taken into serious consideration. Yet for all the wanton practices the human race is capable of regarding life nothing seems to quiet their search of the cosmos for other “life” be it ever so inconsequential such as less than amoeba-like growths. The life on this planet is being wiped out by the billions each year and they are worried about amoebas on unnamed places in the cosmos? Is that not the apotheosis of impaired reasoning? At the present trajectory the human race seems to be consigned to the trash bin of the universe as a failed experiment but unfortunately will plan not to go quietly and seems determined that everything else on the planet folllow them over the edge into eternal oblivion. If this is a Tragedy of cosmic proportions think of it this way: an observer of earth from another planet would see what? Not one human nor one human edifice. In other words humanity is invisible and nothing in the universe would note it’s passing. Without Homo sapiens the planet would renew itself to its former homeostasis and it’s greenery, waters and ice would be observed from spheres elsewhere in the galaxy, should there be observers. Humanity is an anachronism to this time and place because of the inability to conform to the laws governing the natural world. Humanity likes to think of itself as a spacefaring race when in actuality, they are leaving a trail of destruction in their wake and these so called spacefarers probably had to leave Mars after turning it into a lifeless rock!
Planet Earth will be the New Rock of Ages!




What a peculiar strange sight
It makes birds want to take flight
Orca decides to hide in the blue
What else could killer whales do
Residents were dressed for the meeting
Prepared to give a warm greeting
Visitors spoke not of intention
Perhaps forgetting to mention
Their home in the North lacked ice
And this land seemed cold and nice
Said they we will not intrude
Please think us not rude
If abundant ice greeting us here
Be caused to then disappear
For those of us far and near
There will be no haven we fear
We will be not more than ghosts
Sadness felt most by our Host

(Our Mother – the Earth
knew of our great worth
All she will say
On Judgment Day
there will be Hell to pay
For a crime so great
the Fates will await
Lessons on Earth were not learned
No Merits have these Vandals earned)

For any that then care to see them
Our likeness in antiques museums
Our path was one of great sorrow
But the road transgressors will follow




Humans come to this world having been given a finite number of hours in which to function as living entities. There are some of these beings who choose to spend their limited hours as killers of the other inhabitants of the planet. In what way does this benefit the planet, much less the lives of these troglodytes? They are an unsustainable bacterial load that earth must shrug off. They have added nothing of value to earth’s well being. They are the takers, subtracting resources but returning nothing. They are empty spaces drawing the planet’s wealth into a void, further decreasing homeostasis. Life forms which offer no benefit but consume planetary assets are disposable as injurious to the maintenance of the system as a whole. The planet’s pernicious bacterium, the species Homo sapiens, an organic structure that uses Earth’s capital but returns no benefit to its host, has been depleting Earth’s wealth since its arrival. The sub group of this bacterium, the killers and hunters, have tried to bring favorable arguments for their actions but a negative action is unjustifiable. If you must justify your actions, then your actions can’t be justified. They are the black holes of the planet, draining but not adding, to the assets which have been squandered. There is another planet in the solar system from which all reserves have been drawn, turning it red. Earth is on the road to becoming the second Mars in the Sun’s realm to die from a disease caused by a malignant bacterium inhabiting its domain. It is with wonderment to observe these pestilential creatures. Just what is their purpose? Perhaps they are rehearsing to become good citizens of Hell? It might be questioned just why they were given a stage on a heavenly body such as Earth, known for favoring life, on which to practice their hellish acts. They are a life depleting, not a life enriching organism, an anathema to the only planet in the solar system capable of sustaining life. No matter how many zeroes are added together, the result remains zero, the total worth of such vandals.

VERDICT: guilty of depleting life on a life giving planet.
SENTENCE: banishment from the solar system. Transport out must be paid from proceeds of gluttonous greed.