Bank robbers

Animals do not require human validation for their existence. They fulfill their obligation to the Natural World by the maintenance of their niche in the ecosystem , never taking greater than is required , in order to maintain rain homeostasis. Humans, on the other hand, are parasites, wringing resources from in amounts so great that balance can never be preserved The scale of debt owed the planet by humanity has tipped so far into imbalance that bringing it back to stability is highly improbable. Animal life, both ocean and land, is being rapaciously extracted by a race of beings determined to Rob the Bank until there os no more Bank to a Rob. Desecration of the physical world, the rain forests, oceans, animal life, is being is being practiced in a world with finite assets. Governments now want to consider global warming a manmade possibility. Opinions about the likelihood of this event being engineered by Man do not enter the equation since the point is moot when the event is irreversible. Life forms, such as human beings
which are unable to adapt to the Natural Order, are disposed of by the same Order, in favor of organisms which allow consistency to be conserved. Humanity, has shown reckless ingenuity in the methods used to deplete the reserves of the planet with less than the effort required to replace what is consumed and despoiled. These are characteristics of a malignant virus bent on the destruction of the Host. The Human Race has forgotten, or. Never knew, that Earth is not chattel to Humanity but IS the Host. When the Host dies, the sojourner viral entity, without benefactor, has brought about its own doom. The Bank Robbers have hung themselves.

Elizabeth Smith


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