Humans come to this world having been given a finite number of hours in which to function as living entities. There are some of these beings who choose to spend their limited hours as killers of the other inhabitants of the planet. In what way does this benefit the planet, much less the lives of these troglodytes? They are an unsustainable bacterial load that earth must shrug off. They have added nothing of value to earth’s well being. They are the takers, subtracting resources but returning nothing. They are empty spaces drawing the planet’s wealth into a void, further decreasing homeostasis. Life forms which offer no benefit but consume planetary assets are disposable as injurious to the maintenance of the system as a whole. The planet’s pernicious bacterium, the species Homo sapiens, an organic structure that uses Earth’s capital but returns no benefit to its host, has been depleting Earth’s wealth since its arrival. The sub group of this bacterium, the killers and hunters, have tried to bring favorable arguments for their actions but a negative action is unjustifiable. If you must justify your actions, then your actions can’t be justified. They are the black holes of the planet, draining but not adding, to the assets which have been squandered. There is another planet in the solar system from which all reserves have been drawn, turning it red. Earth is on the road to becoming the second Mars in the Sun’s realm to die from a disease caused by a malignant bacterium inhabiting its domain. It is with wonderment to observe these pestilential creatures. Just what is their purpose? Perhaps they are rehearsing to become good citizens of Hell? It might be questioned just why they were given a stage on a heavenly body such as Earth, known for favoring life, on which to practice their hellish acts. They are a life depleting, not a life enriching organism, an anathema to the only planet in the solar system capable of sustaining life. No matter how many zeroes are added together, the result remains zero, the total worth of such vandals.

VERDICT: guilty of depleting life on a life giving planet.
SENTENCE: banishment from the solar system. Transport out must be paid from proceeds of gluttonous greed.


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