What a peculiar strange sight
It makes birds want to take flight
Orca decides to hide in the blue
What else could killer whales do
Residents were dressed for the meeting
Prepared to give a warm greeting
Visitors spoke not of intention
Perhaps forgetting to mention
Their home in the North lacked ice
And this land seemed cold and nice
Said they we will not intrude
Please think us not rude
If abundant ice greeting us here
Be caused to then disappear
For those of us far and near
There will be no haven we fear
We will be not more than ghosts
Sadness felt most by our Host

(Our Mother – the Earth
knew of our great worth
All she will say
On Judgment Day
there will be Hell to pay
For a crime so great
the Fates will await
Lessons on Earth were not learned
No Merits have these Vandals earned)

For any that then care to see them
Our likeness in antiques museums
Our path was one of great sorrow
But the road transgressors will follow



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