The human race is concentrated on — just that: THE HUMAN RACE! The race of beings that cover planet earth like a form fitting garment. Every minute of every hour the world is bombarded with the needs and wants, wars, starvation, health, murder, good deeds, bad deeds, of this one biological entity. Humans, in their rush to oblivion, caused by selfishness of purpose, have overlooked or forgotten, another race of beings whose presence on the planet are seen as an adjunct to humanity. A commodity for whatever use humans maintain is their right to exploit, use and abuse. Humans, in self vainglory, designate they are superior beings and therefore have the right to exert dominance over every other life form. The reality is that humanity is expendable and will find this truth to be not to their liking when the outcome of an inability to conform to natural law confronts them. The race of beings known as animal life (of which humans are a part) do not require humanity to validate their existence. They were given the keys to the kingdom long before Man emerged from their numbers. The keys of which humans immediately appropriated, looking to pound nature into a form desired by Man. Human arrogance authors the belief that they are the chosen beings in the universe when the reality is they are no more important than any other quantum particle. Mankind’s treatment of his fellow earthlings will be the wrecking ball, the source, for demise of his own kind. For all the supposed advancement of knowledge that is claimed to be in possession of humans, (the naked apes), they have forgotten, perhaps never knew, that the key to remaining viable in nature is cooperation with the entirety. Humans are only a part of the aggregate, and parts are not capable of maintaining the whole. Humankind never realized their place, as was designated, in nature’s whole. A day of reckoning is Mankind’s fate, after showing a bank balance in the extreme negative, indicating exceedingly great overspending. The keys to this kingdom cannot be entrusted to such profligates and will be snatched from greedy hands on a moment’s notice. Planet Earth, unique in this solar system, as being home to life, has inhabitants who use their finite time of existence, extinguishing life on the planet. Such beings will not be given a pass for committing these acts, therefore have forfeited rights to keys of this or any kingdom. The keys of which were so eagerly co-opted from what were considered lesser beings, will find that less overcame more. The natural rights of these “LESSER” beings will overcome the self-important rights of the so called “MORE”. Planet Earth is not the clay with which humanity can shape to its will. Rather they ARE the clay. When fired in the kiln of Natural Law, did not conform to the mold, and so will be discarded to the waste bin of the Universe.

Elizabeth Smith


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