Sergeant Jeffrey


Jeffrey had two jobs, one as a nanny
The other different, a police dog, not then many
Day times were spent entertaining a child
Nights were opposite and sometimes wild
Chasing burglars and felons and law breakers
Roaming through town and all of it’s acres
Never did two tasks caused him confusion
His mind was clear and had he no delusion
Soon came duty he knew not the cost
Sent to war – a task stranger than most
This last took from him home and his jobs
And then cost proved great for his life did it rob
A dog has no choice to say yes or no
When people ask then he’s ready to go
A dogs love Is cheap the price not a cent
If so the money would be then well spent
The value of dogs lives people can’t see
Their value is what their love can be
Their lives are not measured in gold’s cost
Their worth is that of the love that is lost

Elizabeth Smith



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