Man’s greatest sin is harming animals. They are the true innocents of the planet. They have no stain on their souls which is the differentiating factor in their lives and Man’s. Harming true innocence is the ultimate sinful act, a disrespect to the creator. They do not act from greed, vengeance, jealousy or venality. Their actions are based on the preservation of life for themselves and their offspring, including sustenance and meager shelter. they do not seek to cohabit with humans but wish to be left in peace in the universe nature has created for them without human interference. They are sovereign beings on planet earth and have every right to occupy as much space as their biological requirements demand, true innocence is the hallmark of their existence, which humans are unable to duplicate and subconsciously resent. This is the mythology of dominance and superiority humanity wishes to perpetuate. It is these threads in the web of life that humanity is dismantling one strand at a time until the web itself will unravel from instability


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