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Animals will be classified as “things” and not sentient, emotional, aware, beings by the human race until the greedy hands of humanity can be pried loose from the controls of planet earth. This is not likely to happen, of course, but it is reality that the creatures on planet earth will continue to be decimated by a race of beings who are systematically draining the resources from said Planet.
Greed is the insatiable force driving the machinery of humanity. The very nature of such a force requires that the dominant beings control every aspect of earthly endeavors, exploiting and depleting the planet’s reserves. What is the benefit of such shortsightedness? Complete blindness as to the outcome of such greedy efforts seems to be the operative mindset. Mankind has overlooked the fact, too, that there is an even greater force in operation which will require an accounting before any man made action of total annihilation of earthly assets can be accomplished and those are the immutable laws of the cosmos. Man seems to have forgotten,or never knew, that in order to be a human being, it is required to be a Humane Being.
The human race is galloping towards bankrupting the earth, resources and animal life, but humans will find that this road leads to their own extinction before such calamity. When humanity slides into the abyss they’ll be screaming “what the hell caused this?”



(Voltaire)” if one believes absurdities one can commit atrocities.” An absurdity such as a mysterious being in the sky who gave humans dominion over the other creatures on the earth and then made demands for the killing of these creatures as sacrifices to himself! This was recorded by goat herders over 3000 years ago but is still taken as absolute truth in the 21st century. Religion is one of the main authors of animal cruelty. The superstitions and myths which allow human exploitation, abuse and slaughter of sentient life on planet earth can be directly tied to religious superstitions and myths. Another is greed with a profit motive as the underlying machine driving the exploitation of animals. . The Human psyche is not damaged by killing, eating, using body parts of this planet’s sentient life because religious belief allows for this and Greed drives it. Underlying this system is the false conclusion that animal lives are less valuable than human animal lives and therefore don’t need to be taken into serious consideration. Yet for all the wanton practices the human race is capable of regarding life nothing seems to quiet their search of the cosmos for other “life” be it ever so inconsequential such as less than amoeba-like growths. The life on this planet is being wiped out by the billions each year and they are worried about amoebas on unnamed places in the cosmos? Is that not the apotheosis of impaired reasoning? At the present trajectory the human race seems to be consigned to the trash bin of the universe as a failed experiment but unfortunately they plan not go quietly and seem determined that everything else on the planet follow them over the edge into eternal oblivion. If this seems like a Tragedy of cosmic proportions think of it this way: an observer of earth from another planet would see what? Not one human nor one human edifice. In other words humanity is invisible and nothing in the universe would note it’s passing. Without Homo sapiens the planet would renew itself to its former homeostasis and it’s greenery, waters and ice would be observed from spheres elsewhere in the galaxy, should there be observers. Humanity seems to be anachronism to this time and place because of an inability to conform to the laws governing the natural world. Humanity likes to think of itself as a spacefaring race when in actuality, they are leaving a trail of destruction in their wake and these so called spacefarers probably had to leave Mars after turning it into a lifeless rock!




I’m a small insect that’s called a bee
People run away when they see me

They think I might be ready to sting
Not so! losing my life this would bring

Humans want me under their heel
They don’t care just what I feel

Nature named me guardian of food on earth
So for my size I know what I’m worth

If humans wish to kill me they should know
Without me their crops would not grow

Humans thought themselves better than me


If not for this small creature called a bee
No food for their tables would they see


Just give me some food, flowers will do
I will need a little water too
Then you’ll see I’ll be good as new
Don’t try to smash me with your shoe
I’m trying to live, just like you


A hunter of animals sleeps very well
Deeming his life more worthy than those he would kill
That is quite wrong for it is not
In truth his soul is filled with rot
Upon earth animals have equal measure
Animal souls guard life as a treasure
It’s not for humans to decide lives to take
For humans are unable life spark to make
Man thinks himself earth’s permanent guest
Truthfully he’s more of earth’s semipermanent pest


GINGER (A Pit Bull’s Story)

When we found you your life wasn’t bright
It possibly would have ended in pit bull fight

You were a sweet girl from the beginning
A prize for Happy Dog you’d have been winning

People and animals filled each day
Never bad moods did you display

You had a list that your day required
A walk and a treat is what you desired

Your 15 years then crept to wear on you
Time flowed ’til days there were few

You have left us but it’s hard to adjust
We shall accept it for that’s what we must

When crossing the rainbow bridge for reward citation
The gate was surely opened by a girl named M├Ądchen