Animals will be classified as “things” and not sentient, emotional, aware, beings by the human race until the greedy hands of humanity can be pried loose from the controls of planet earth. This is not likely to happen, of course, but it is reality that the creatures on planet earth will continue to be decimated by a race of beings who are systematically draining the resources from said Planet.
Greed is the insatiable force driving the machinery of humanity. The very nature of such a force requires that the dominant beings control every aspect of earthly endeavors, exploiting and depleting the planet’s reserves. What is the benefit of such shortsightedness? Complete blindness as to the outcome of such greedy efforts seems to be the operative mindset. Mankind has overlooked the fact, too, that there is an even greater force in operation which will require an accounting before any man made action of total annihilation of earthly assets can be accomplished and those are the immutable laws of the cosmos. Man seems to have forgotten,or never knew, that in order to be a human being, it is required to be a Humane Being.
The human race is galloping towards bankrupting the earth, resources and animal life, but humans will find that this road leads to their own extinction before such calamity. When humanity slides into the abyss they’ll be screaming “what the hell caused this?”


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