Magical Garden


When the the clock strikes midnight the
garden again is alive
It waits each day for this time to arrive

It blooms in perfusion of red blue and green
Among fragrant blossoms strange creatures
are seen

Flitting and dancing in the magical glen
Hidden from view of the world of Men

When fingers of light steal across the sky
The garden then must turn from the human

The bewitching sorcery of the verdant glen
Folds it’s petals once again

To await the chimes announcing midnight
To again display treasures before a coming
of light

But the days of its beauty are now numbered
For greed of Man will soon plow it under

Unaware of what’s sleeping beneath the browned
grass which hides
A world of colors and beauty below it resides

But as with most things of beauty Man does not see
Except for the color of gold for him is the key

What profit can be made is what Man will ask
He’ll sell what he can to the last blade of grass
When the last blade is gone he’ll find he’s then
sold his ass


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