Crustaceans Have Taken Over

Humans are late comers on earth but have taken over the planet, crowding other life forms out. They are like swarming ants, but ants at least have a purpose on this planet. Humans have not made a fit into any ecological niche on earth and instead have pillaged and plundered every resource earth has to offer. There will come a time when this greedy race of beings will have to face the fact that all earthly resources are finite, plant and animal. The earth is being stripped bare, animals going extinct, species after species, the atmosphere is being poisoned. What will the outcome then be? A dead Rock frozen in space of no further use with all life eliminated, plant and animal. Thanks to a race of beings whose greed knew no limits. The mistake was that the keys to the kingdom were given to a race of crustaceans. That is unfair too because crustaceans at least know their place on this planet humans call earth. The genie was let out of the bottle and can’t be put back. It seems the genie’s mission is to destroy planet earth.


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